General Information About Acupuncture


Acupuncture is one of the primary modalities in a form of medicine called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM looks at a patient's pattern of illness specific to the individual. The cause of disease is understood to be a combination of imbalances within the lifestyle, psyche, effects of environmental stress, trauma, or invasion by external pathogens. TCM utilizes a holistic approach and does not attempt to find one exact reason for illness; instead we acknowledge that several factors contribute to problems in the body. There are five primary components of treatment in TCM: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tui na, exercise (Tai Ji/Qi gong) and eastern nutrition.

Traditional Chinese medicine evolved in China and has a long history relying on human trials that have taken place over thousands of years. Because results were based on experience and not laboratory data, a vocabulary developed to explain how Qi and Blood travel through the body in pathways. These pathways know as meridians, can get get obstructed by trauma, emotions, environmental influence and lifestyle. Because TCM is a science that has been perfected through thousands of years of use on humans, the number of practitioner caused deaths or even negative side-effects are virtually non-existent.

TCM is considered an alternative form of medicine in the United States and Europe because Western medicine is the primary form of medicine in these parts of the world. One form of medicine is not superior to the other, they comprise the two primary forms of healthcare practiced in the world today. Both medicines have their strengths and weaknesses, and a complementary approach is the direction that TCM is taking in the Western world. It is our hope that the information on this website illustrates that TCM, and all five branches of its treatment methods, can be used as a successful choice for restoring and maintaining optimal health.

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