Your First Visit

Your First Visit at A.D.I.O. Acupuncture

What Should you Expect on Your First Acupuncture Visit?

Your first visit will begin with an in depth assessment of your condition. Once the evaluation is completed a comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed with you. The treatment plan will include the following information; how much treatment you will require, the frequency of your treatment, what modalities your treatment will require, and the expected result you will get.

On your first visit we will generally set enough time aside to complete the assessment and give you an initial treatment. There is no obligation to receive treatment with your consultation. If we don't think acupuncture & Chinese medicine is appropriate for you, we don't think we can help your condition, or you want to think about the treatment plan before starting treatment, there is no obligation and you will not be charged.

If you decide to begin your treatment on your first visit, expect to be in the clinic for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

What Does the Initial Acupuncture Evaluation Involve?

During the assessment we will ask you about some things you may not think are relevant to your primary problem. For example your emotions, digestion, sleep patterns, and eating habits are all considered. Chinese medicine considers the whole person, not just one isolated symptom. When all of these symptoms are put together we formulate a pattern of disharmony that is the foundation of your treatment. Your treatment plan will focus on your primary concern, however your whole being must be considered to provide the most effective course of treatment. Chinese medicine is unique in that it appreciates that illnesses may be identical, but the person suffering from them are individuals with individual needs.

An important part of evaluating your overall condition will include pulse and tongue diagnosis. When considering the pulse in Chinese medicine we look at more than the rate of you heart beat. We focus on the quality of blood as it passes through the vessel, there are a number of various pulse qualities that give a practitioner in-site into the condition of your body. We will also examine your tongue. Your tongue will give us an idea of how your body is utilizing the food and fluids you consume, as well as giving us widow to observe the internal condition of your organ systems.

Depending on what you are seeking treatment for, a physical assessment may be performed. This can include palpation of superficial tissues of the body, inspection of specific areas of the body, or specific tests for your primary concern.

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New and return patients may use the online appointment scheduling. You can use the online scheduling to make an appointment with any practitioner working at A.D.I.O. for any service we offer.

New patients scheduling an appointment will receive a confirmation phone call from the practitioner you schedule with prior to your first visit. Thank you for choosing A.D.I.O. Acupuncture and Wellness.