About Us

A.D.I.O. Acupuncture and Wellness Center is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare to the Western New York Community. The acupuncturist at A.D.I.O. Acupuncture is devoted to integrating the use of Chinese medicine with more mainstreem western care. He is proud to be a part of the established professional medical community in the surrouding Buffalo area.

The massage therapist at A.D.I.O. Acupuncture & Wellness in licensed to practice in New York State and graduated from a local professional massage therapy school. She is a mindfull and compassionate therapist who is in tune with her patients and adept at ensuring everyone's comfort with treatment. 

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New and return patients may use the online appointment scheduling. You can use the online scheduling to make an appointment with any practitioner working at A.D.I.O. for any service we offer.

New patients scheduling an appointment will receive a confirmation phone call from the practitioner you schedule with prior to your first visit. Thank you for choosing A.D.I.O. Acupuncture and Wellness.